PÄÄTALO HOUSE • rental cottage for 10 persons

This fully renovated country house built in the 30s is the perfect romantic get away

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The Päätalo house, 350m2, is divided into 2 floors.

The main dining room of this beautiful house has a dining table for 25 persons. The smaller dining room has a table for 12 persons and there are several other rooms that can be used for dining. In summer also the garden can be used for dining.

The Päätalo house has a well-equipped kitchen for cooking, however catering services can also be booked for a separate charge.

There are 10 beds in 4 bedrooms which are all located on the second floor.
The Päätalo house rental includes a large sauna with both wood heated and electric stoves.

In this property children are made to feel welcome. There are toys for outdoor and indoor activities, a playhouse in the garden and a swing. The back garden is perfect for children to play in.

There is a shared beach just 1km away where you can have a barbeque or use a rowing boat.

The Päätalo house also has an outdoor jacuzzi next to the house. The jacuzzi can be booked by prior arrangement for a separate cost from the owner, at least 1 day before arrival.

Note! This property is mainly rented for families and family celebrations, corporate groups and other groups under the owner’s discretion.


  • main hall, long table for 25 persons
  • smaller dining room, table for 12 persons
  • bedrooms on the second floor, 2 x rooms for 2 persons and 2 rooms for 3 persons
  • sauna with both electric and wood heated stoves
  • 2 showers


  • microwave oven, dishwasher
  • induction cooking top
  • air circulating oven
  • 90cme wide fridge
  • separate fridge for drinks
  • fridge in the sauna dressing room
  • freezer
  • tableware for 50 persons
  • excellent selection of cooking utensils